Surveying Services for Torbay, St. John's, Avalon Peninsula and All of Newfoundland

At Aubrey K Burt Surveys, we work with legal representatives to provide comprehensive Real Property Reports for Torbay landscapes and elsewhere in the Newfoundland and Labrador area. We also work with home and business owners on a variety of construction projects, providing detailed land surveys, subdivision layouts and more.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q) What is a land survey?

A) A land survey is the procedure of determining the location of monuments that mark a property line, boundary or corner of a parcel of land. This parcel of land is then represented on an accurately scaled drawing showing all measurements and total area.

Q) When should you order a land survey?

A) Most people order a land survey whenever there is any transfer of property. A land survey will ensure the location of the boundaries. Some other reasons are:

  • Most lenders will require a land survey for all mortgage purposes
  • It can be necessary to settle a boundary dispute
  • It can be necessary to erect a fence

Q) Are there different types of surveys?

A) There are several types of survey services which may be offered to a client. A few of these are:

  • Survey of a lot in a previously recorded subdivision
  • Crown land survey
  • Topographic survey to show horizontal and vertical aspects of the land together with the location of features thereon, both natural and man-made
  • Construction stake out survey for the building and improvements

Q) What should a survey cost?

A) All surveying projects are usually unique. Please contact us for a free estimate.

Q) What does a land survey do?

A) A land survey locates and marks the property corners. If those corners are not marked, the surveyor will monument them. A plan of survey is then prepared and signed by the surveyor which shows the position of the monuments found or set, geographic co-ordinates for the property corners, measurements of all property lines, encroachments, building lines and easements.

Q) Is the surveyor responsible to register my survey plan and description with the Registry of Deeds for the applicable province?

A) No the client has the responsibility to see that his documents are registered with the appropriate authorities. The registration process is usually carried out by a lawyer.

Q) Why should I have my property corners marked?

A) Any time you purchase a piece of property you should have the corners marked if possible. This establishes an understanding with the neighbors as to where the property lines are at the beginning of your possession and allows disagreements to be settled before bad feelings begin.

Property corners should also be marked before erecting a new fence if the boundary location is in doubt. The cost of having your boundary corners re-established could be far less than the expense that may be incurred by erecting a new fence in the wrong location.

Q) Why is the surveyor looking at the entire street and digging up my neighbor's property corners?

A) Just as a surveyor requires all of the written documentation about your lot, he also needs all of the physical evidence available on or near your site. Your property lines are in a relationship with the property corners of others. Each time a property corner is set, it affects the lands around it.


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